Patient Testimonial

Mary Jane "MJ" Vachon

During childhood, Mary Jane “MJ” Vachon contracted polio which affected her right lower leg. Throughout the years she had several surgeries in order to stabilize the limb; but in 2005, MJ required an amputation. She received inpatient therapy at New England Rehabilitation Hospital of Portland within their amputee rehab program. 

Upon receiving her prosthetic, she continued her therapy at NERHP’s outpatient clinic. Progressive pain in MJ’s left leg unfortunately resulted in joint replacement surgery and she continued rehabilitation to help with ambulation. Throughout her surgeries and rehab, MJ has always kept positive and motivated. She is a self advocate, researches products and attends national amputee conferences. 

She is president and co-founder of a new support group for amputees called Portland Amputees Coming Together and serves as a peer visitor at NERHP. She is quite active in the community as a volunteer, including working with the Boy Scouts.

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